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52nd edition

Brandy In The Wilderness

Fortnight 1969, Feature film,


Autobiographical film, following a tumultuous year in the lives of Simon and Brandy, and the personal conflicts during the progress of their relationship.


Stanton Kaye

He is an independent filmmaker of four features and winner of thirty plus awards including United Nations Award for New Ways and Means of Communication. Stanton is an American Film Institute Fellow . He directed a videotaping of philosopher Herbert Marcuse, whose work Kaye revered. He reportedly spent $5 million to build a satellite Bouquet studio with sound stages on the old Raytheon site in Oxnard. He closed Bouquet because not enough filmmakers wanted to bring their work to Pacific Palisades.He was chairman and president of a company with patents in both chemical and electronic time-temperature integration. Since 2002 when he founded Infratab, Stanton worked across the company with special focus on new technologies, product design and assembly.