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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020

Bolivar, Sinfonia Tropical (Version Super 8)

Fortnight 1981, Feature film,


Inspiré de l’iconographie vénézuélienne de la Guerre d’Indépendance, Bolívar, sinfonía tropical est une allégorie construite sur les moments culminants de la vie, l’oeuvre et les rêves de Simón Bolívar. Une vision empreinte de romantisme.


Diego Risquez

He was born in Caracas. He played for theater and films in Venezuela. In 1974, he went in Paris to work at Emilio Galli theater. He worked with Atica gallery as a photographer. Back in Venezuela, he got interested in painting and sculpture; he started directing films. His first feature one Bolivar, Sinfonia Tropikal was shown at The Directors’ Fortnight. Orinoko, Nuevo mundo was also shown in Cannes