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52nd edition

Blue Gate Crossing

Fortnight 2002, Feature film, 1h24


Kerou is a 17-year-old high school student. Like other girls of her age, she is trying to find herself. A bit of a dreamer, she lacks self-confidence and is nostalgic for the carelessness of childhood. Shihao is a young and attractive lad who is a bit of a rebel. He is a favourite with the girls. Yuezhen, Kerou’s best friend, is mad about him. Even if Shihao is concentrating first and foremost on winning the schools swimming championship, he is also very attracted to Kerou. Her manner intrigues him. One day, Kerou comes to one of his training sessions and opens her heart to him. What she tells him turns his world upside down and together the two adolescents have their first taste of adulthood.


Chih-yen Yee

After graduating from Taiwan’s Cheng-chi university with a degree in western literature, Chih-yen Yee entered the UCLA’s film production program in theater arts. His student works have won recognition with numerous prices. Graduating in 1988, he returns to Taiwan to work in the advertising industry where he becomes a well-known director. Besides he also functions as a producer, scriptwriter and critic and he lectures on films. In a ten year period, Yee has directed many TV dramas and made his movie debut with Lonely Heart Club in 1995, a film about problems of youth and homosexuality.

Bo-lin Chen
Lun-mei Guey
Shu-hui Liang

Chih-yen Yee

Hsiang Chien

Duu-chih Tu

Ching-song Liao

Chris Hou

Set decoration
Shao-yu Hsia

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