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52nd edition

Bei Kao Bei, Lian Dui Lian

Fortnight 1994, Feature film, 2 h 20


Xi’an, China. Having been Assistant Director of the Cultural centre of one of the oldest cities in China for ten years, the thirtysomething Wang has shown remarkable talent of leadership and is a respectable man among his staff. But he is not exactly a happy man. Careerwise, the Director resigned three years ago and Wang has been coveting for the post ever since. Despite the support of his colleagues, he was only appointed Acting Director. The Cultural Bureau has decided to select a new director and everyone is asked to make a vote. Confident that he is the most popular candidate, Wang votes for himself. However, to his great surprise, Leng, the Bureau Director, has decided to put Old Ma on the post of Director. what follows is a series of contrivances and plots to oust Ma from the Centre, with the help of Wang’s cult of supporters…


Huang Jianxin

He was born in China. He was a photographer and worked for a magazine about literature. He was executive producer and assistant director at X’ian studios. He studied at the Film Academy in Peking. He started direction in 1986 with The Black Cannon Incident.

Ju Hao
Lei Gesheng
Li Qiang
Niu Zhenghua

huang Jianxin, Shun Yian d’’après un roman de Liu Xing-Long

Zhang Xiaoguang, Zhu Shen

Yan Jun

Lei Qin

Zhang Da Long

Set decoration
Li Xingzheng

Production : Simpson Communication, Hong Kong Vente à l’étranger : Fortissimo Film Sales, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

Title in Original Version : Back To Back, Face To Face