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52nd edition from May 13 to 23, 2020

Avez-Vous Peur ? Er i bange?

Fortnight 1971, Feature film, 94'


This documentary examines a feature of Danish life in the late ’60s and early ’70s: the political commune. In a series of stiff and unrevealing interviews with members of the Kloevedal Commune, « Mao’s Pleasure, » director Carlssen seeks to discover why they have chosen to live communally. Turning the tables on the director, members of the commune also interview people who live ordinary, middle-class lives, ostensibly to find out why they chose their « lifestyles. » Other footage concerns the Annisse Commune, a less radical organization which predates the Kloevedal Commune by decades. A highlight of the film is an interview with a very old woman who lives with and talks chiefly with her cats.


Henning Carlsen

Danish filmmaker Henning Carlsen began his distinguished career writing and helming short documentaries in 1947. He did not make his first feature film until 1962. The film, Dilemma, was a semi-documentary based on Nadine Gordimer’s novel A World of Strangers and was secretly shot on location in South Africa. Carlsen’s fourth feature film, Hunger (1966) earned him international attention and helped establish him as one of Denmark’s most prominent directors. Some of his best work includes the biography Wolf at the Door (1987), and the adaptation of an Eigel Jensen novel Did Somebody Laugh? (1978). ~

Ellen Glenter
Erik Haunstrup Clemmensen
famille Klovedal
Henning Carlsen
Jorgen Hatting

Nils Klovedal / Henning Carlsen

Jorgen Roos

Prod. : H. Carlsen
Digmar Teatret
Jernbane Gade 2
1608 Copenhague V