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52nd edition

Athenes, Ville Sourire

Fortnight 1969, Short film,


The director records, through the personal story of two young people in Athens of 1966, the influence of Greek politics of the last decade (1957-1967) both on Greek people and the country as a whole. This is the second short film of Lampros Liaropoulos after the “Letter from Charleroi” (1965). In 1976 he directs the feature film “The Other Letter” a film, largely autobiographical, an exquisite commentary on the crucial decade 1965-1975. The camera records images of current everyday life, while the director’s two previous short films, “Letter from Charleroi” and “ Athens , a smiling city” are also included to create a cohesive totality. This totality comprises the content of the “other letter”, which features a personal relationship, that of the director with the storm-tossed country and its people.


Lambros Liaropoulos

Greek filmmaker, he studied law in Athens and Paris, where he lived. He was assistant for a film of Henri Langlois. He went to the Lee Strasberg studio. He was a TV film director. He directed two short-films in 1965 and 1967. He wrote and directed this impressionistic « letter » about his views on life and Greece. He died in 1983.