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52nd edition

Até ver a luz

Fortnight 2013, Feature film, 1h35


Straight out of jail, Sombra returns to his life as a drug dealer in the creole slum of Lisbon. In between the money he has lent and can’t get back, the money he owes, a fanciful iguana, an invasive little girl and a ringleader who begins to mistrust him, he starts to think that he might have been better off in the clink…


Basil da Cunha

Swiss of portuguese origin born in 1985, Basil da Cunha joins the Cinema Department at the Geneva University of Art and Design in 2007. In 2011 and 2012, his short films Nuvem and Os vivos também choram are selected by the Director’s Fortnight where Os vivos… received a Special Mention from the Illy Jury. Até ver a luz is his first feature film.

João Veiga
Nelson da Cruz Duarte Rodrigues
Paulo Ribeiro
Pedro Ferreira

Basil da Cunha

Patrick Tresch

Filipe Tavares, Philippe Ciompi, Adrien Kessler

Renata Sancho, Basil da Cunha, Emilie Morier

Set decoration
Carlos Baessa de Brito

Production :
Box Productions
4 rue de la Savonnerie
1020 Renens
Tél : +41 21 312 64 11

Coproduction :
Haute école d’art et de design (Suisse)
HES-SO (Suisse)
RTS Radio Télévision (Suisse)

Ventes / Foreign sales :
UDI – Urban Distribution International
Paris – New York
14 rue du 18 août
93100 Montreuil – France
Tél:+33 1 4870 4656

UDI – Urban Distribution International

Presse / publicist :
Chloé Lorenzi (France)
Cell : +33 6 0816 6026
Jiulia Fazioli (International)
Tél : +41 79 617 0031
Audrey Grimaud (France et international)
Cell : +33 6 7174 9830