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52nd edition


Fortnight 1969, Short film,


Based on Arrabal’s childhood, the film symbolises how maternal oppression fuses with the oppression of the Franco regime. The action takes placed mainly in a slaughter-house where a bull is slaughtered. Based on Arrabal’s book « Baal Babylon ».


Jacques Poitrenaud

He directed various full length films in the 60’s, like Les Portes claquent, Strip tease, Les Parisiennes, for example. In 1973, he founded Perspectives at Te Directors’ Fortnight, to show the best of French production of the year. He worked at Unifrance, promoting French cinema abroad. He headed Un certain regard ( Cannes film festival ). He founded with others the Association of producer directors ( ARP ) and the Rencontres de Beaune. He died in 2005.