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52nd edition

Ap’to Hioni

Fortnight 1994, Feature film, 1 h 30


Two young refugees from Northern Epirus, cross the Albanian border into Greece, the land of their dreams at night. With them is a boy whose mother was killed in a clash with Albanian border guards. The odyssey of these three people, a journey to the very heart of Greece. Their discovery of this country’s strenght and weaknesses. Their acquaintance with the endurance and limits of every modern western society. “In Albania they called us Greeks and in Greece, Albanians…” Thomas tells Achilles a little before the end.


Sotiris Goritsas

He was born in Athens and studied economy. He entered the London International Film School where he studied direction. From 1985 to 1988, he made 25 documentaries for national GreeK TV channel. Ap’ti Hioni is his first feature film and was awarded in Greece.

Antonis Manolas
Gerassimos Skiadaressis
Lazaros Andreou
Mania Papadimitriou
Sophia Olympiou
Vassilis Elefteriadis

Sotiris Goritsas, d’après un roman de Sotiris Dimitriou

Stamatis Yannoulis

Nikos Papadimitriou

Takis Koumoundouros

Nikos Kypourgos

Set decoration
Youla Zoiopoulou

Production :
Centre du Cinéma Grec
Athènes, Grèce

Vente à l’étranger :
Seawell Films
Paris, France

Title in Original Version : Venus de la neige / From The Snow