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52nd edition

Après l’enfance

Fortnight 2002, Short film, 22 min


Atmen returns to the small seaside resort where he used to spent his vacations to close up his house of his deceased grandmother. Here, by the sea, things have changed, people have grown up. There is the childhood sweetheart who is now a mother, the beach games in which he can no longer take part, the virtually deserted, silent house – Atmen now knows childhood is forever gone.


Thomas Lilti

Born in 1976, Thomas Lilti is a general practitioner by profession. He has worked on the productions of, and acted in, several plays. In 1999, he directed « Quelques heures en hiver ».

Atmen Kelif
Florence Masure
Jean-François Gallotte

Thomas Lilti, Pierre Chosson

François Reumont

François Guillaume

Alexandra Strauss

Set decoration
Bruno Thomé

production : Alain Benguigui Sombrero Productions, 38 avenue du Général Michel Bizot, 75012 Paris, France tél.: 33 (0)1 44 74 79 79, fax : 33 (0)1 44 74 79 80 ventes à l’étranger : Sombrero distribution : Sombrero