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52nd edition

Après le sud

Fortnight 2011, Feature film, 1h29


A modern drama freely based on real events. One sweltering afternoon in the south of France, four lives intersect: those of Stéphane and Luigi, two cousins barely out of adolescence, Georges, a retired worker, Amelie, Luigi’s girlfriend, and Anne, Amelie’s mother. Four mundane lives full of hurts, humiliations, fears and fatigue which converge on a tragedy.
Based on a true story, « Heat Wave » offers up a story from intersecting points of view where different destinies cross paths and are reunited by a tragic event. Staying close to the action, Jean-Jacques Jauffret places each story in a kind of uncomfortable daily reality thanks to his very refined and minimalistic mise en scène. A real director who delivers an intense and captivating film.
Javier Martin, sélection commitee


Jean-Jacques Jauffret

Jean-Jacques Jauffret was assistant director on some 30 feature films, among them Cyril Collard’s Les Nuits fauves. He directed two shorts and a documentary. Since 2003, he has been teaching at ESRA (film school). Après le sud is his first feature.

Adèle Haenel
Sylvie Lachat
Ulysse Grosjean
Yves Ruellan

Jean-Jacques Jauffret

Samuel Dravet

Benjamin Jaussaud

Lise Beaulieu

Mozart, Giovanna Marini

Set decoration
Jacques Pellissier

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