52nd edition

Apartment #5C

Fortnight 2002, Feature film, 1h34


Nicky arrives in New York from Israel with her boyfriend, Ouri. They stay in cheap hotels, get into scrapes, and end up in a seedy apartment in Brooklyn. The manager of the building is Max, an authoritarian, cynical man in a wheelchair. Harold Fisher- his brother-in-law, in his early forties – sees to the maintenance of the building and does odd jobs around the place. One evening, during an argument with Ouri, Nicky accidentally shoots herself in the leg. The young man panics and runs away. Harold comes rushing to Nicky’s rescue. He looks after her, has her treated, then helps her to look for a job. Gradually he starts to see her in a different light. Although Max is against it, these two people – whom life has weakened and made fragile – start a relationship. Their lives won’t ever be the same again…


  • Jeff Ware
  • Olga Merediz
  • Ori Pfeffer
  • Richard Edson
  • Tinkerbell


Raphaël Nadjari

Laurent Brunet

Nicolas Mazet

Tom Donahue

John Surman

Set decoration
Sean Foley


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