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52nd edition

Ano Tonneru

Fortnight 2004, Feature film, 1h11


Takatori and his wife, Misako, have never recovered from the death of their second child, Shigeru. As Misako falls into a deep depression, Akira, the eldest son, feels guilty, thinking he is responsible for his brother’s death. One day, Takatori pays a call on his dying uncle, who tells him that a long time ago he had met the ghost of his young son in an old haunted tunnel.


Kunitoshi Manda

Born in 1956, Tokyo. While studying at Rikkyo University, he got acquainted with Kurosawa Kiyoshi and shot 8mm films. After he quits school, he participated in Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s Kandagawa War, Excitement of the Do-Re-Mi-Fa Girl as a scriptwriter and assistant director. He has also directed TV dramas and Corporation Promotional Videos as well as written film critics for newspapres. In 2001, he made his debut as feature film director with Unloved.

Minamino Yoko
Nomura Hironobu

Manda Kumitoshi

Honda Shigeru

Konno Yasuyuki

Nagashima Hiroyuki

Production : Rumble Fish, Inc 3-30-11 sanno otaku Tokyo 143-0023 Japon tél : +81 3 5718 8760 fax : +81 3 5718 8770 co-Production : Nagoya Broadcasting Network (Japon)

Title in Original Version : The Tunnel