52nd edition


Fortnight 2002, Feature film, 1h35


Angela is born in Ballarò, the market neighborhood of Palermo. She gets married when she’s twenty to Saro, and for years she shares his life of drug dealing and easy money. She is wife, mistress, and trusted accomplice to her husband. The life he leads fascinates her, she likes the luxury and the money, and above all the risk. She gave up her family for him, turned her back on an honest future and good work. When she sees Masino for the first time, she takes him for a cop, but he becomes her husband’s right-man and she and Masino begin a passionate and tormented love affair. “Angela” is the story of a woman and her life in the solitude of a world made of laws written by men. It also paints the fresco of a world of men, both cruel and disarmed at the same time, who are constantly forced to deny their own true feelings. “I already knew the story : I liked the world of delinquents. For me they were like heroes… Maybe because I come from a world of respectable people… who had steady jobs…I wanted to see violence… I wanted to see what was behind it all…” Roberta Torre


  • Andrea Di Stefano
  • Donatella Finocchiaro
  • Mario Pupella


Roberta Torre

Daniele Ciprí

Cinzia Acchimede

Roberto Missiroli

Andrea Guerra

Set decoration
Enrico Serafini


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