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52nd edition

Aluminum Fowl (The)

Fortnight 2006, Short film, 13 min


This film is an unusual portrait of four brothers living on a chicken farm in rural Louisiana. While exploring issues of poverty and violence, the film gives a profound and interesting glimpse of the Brothers’ daily obsessions with chickens, Rap music, and aliens.


James Clauer

Born in Nashville, Tenessee to members of Alister Crowley’s O.T.O. organization. His peek into the bizarre landed him in art direction, then cinematography for Gummo and Above the Below ; The Aluminuim Fowl marks his directorial debut, for O’Salvation, harmony Korine and Agnes b.’s production company.

Christie Dyes
Jimmy harris
Kenneth Kenny Wilson
Kentrell Wilson
Kiwana Wilson
Pee Wee
Travis Wilson

Brent Stewart, Michael Carter, James Clauer

Brent Stewart, Michael Carter, James Clauer

Elisha Hoffman, Calico, Tennessee Lee

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