52nd edition

All The Advantages

Fortnight 1972, Feature film, 70'


This is the sad (even tragic) story of a lonely, alienated teenager. His parents are divorced, and he moves between the two of them and stays at his grandmother’s house. Neither parent has much time for him, and the grandmother, though loving, smothers. One day, when he is especially lonely, he tries to reach out to each of them in turn and is rebuffed or ignored. When he returns to his grandmother’s house, his life takes a tragic turn.


  • Allan Rowe
  • Andrew Greenwood
  • Diane Telegen
  • Nicolette Mc Kenzie


Christopher Mason


Prod : Mason Bruce Film Associates 49 Elgin Crescent London W11 2JD Grande Bretagne

Title in Original Version : L'enfant Doré