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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

Alive in France

Fortnight 2017, Feature film, 1h19


Abel Ferrara headlines a film retrospective and a series of concerts in France during the festival Addiction à l’oeuvre, dedicated to songs and music from his films. Preparations with his family and friends will form the material of this self portrait, showing another side of the director of legendary films Bad Lieutenant, The King of New York and The Addiction. Ferrara is joined on stage by past collaborators, including composer Joe Delia, actress Dounia Sichov, actor-singer Paul Hipp and his wife, actress Cristina Chiriac for concerts at the Metronum in Toulouse and the Salò Club in Paris in October 2016.


Abel Ferrara

Abel Ferrara
Anna Ferrara
Cristina Chiriac
Dounia Sichov
Joe Delia
Paul Hipp
PJ Delia

Emmanuel Gras

Julien Momenceau

Fabio Nunziata