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52nd edition

Alicia En La Espana De Las Maravillas

Fortnight 1978, Feature film, 1h26


In this film, I tried to express fundamentally my own view of the cultural repression exercised by fascism. A repression that starts with a suffocating paternalism and ends with genocide. I have utilized the logic of the absurd already existing in the original story by Lewis Carroll, with the idea of stressing how absurd the logic of fascism can be. To underline this thought, I used the poetical power of surrealism, and was so able to tell through cinema a « tale for adults ». My tale includes a series of decisive moments of General Franco’s Spain in 1936 until 1975. But it is not the facts that are important, because above anything else, what I wanted was to present a global situation evidencing the tiranny of certain regressive forces against the people of the Spanish state. These people are represented by Alice, whose character branches out into three different actresses to give an idea of the ethnic plurality. I also wanted to express a combined situation through the sound of the aircraft cruising over the country – specifically reproducing a particular part of the soundtrack – which actually represent the power of the multinational companies. Their constant vigilance and control over each and everyone of the situations that develop in the Spanish territory. I used humor, farce, because that made synthesis a bit easier and also kept at bay the risk of falling into ideological hatred. For the same reason, paradoxically, everything that is said by the « off » voices – and a good portion of the dialogues in the film – are catually faithful reproductions of real texts which were recited and published in absolute earnest by the various characters of francoism through different stages. « Alice in WonderSpain » is a film created and fully made in Catalonia, one of the nations of the Spanish state. The culture and politica history of Catalonia include the existence of a cinematography which at this point in time is fighting to freely express her personality. Jordi FELIU


Jordi Feliu

Born in Barcelona in 1926, Jordi Feliu started working in amateur cinema from 1951 to 1957. Until 1961, he spent three years at the Official Cinema School of Madrid, while working as film critic and secretary of the Film clubs National Federation. He worked from 1961 to 1967 on short films and long feature scenarios with José Ma Font-Espina. Then, from 1967 to 1978, he worked in Barcelona on short and average length films for factories and companies of all kinds, while making documentaries as well. In 1978, he was member of the Directing Counsel of the Catalan Film Institute, who aimed to try and recreatre in Catalonia a film industry of its own, and to produce films according to Catalonia’s personality, culture and its people tought.

Concha Bardem
Mireia Ros
Montserrat Mostoles
Silvia Aguilar

Jesus Borras, Antoni Colomer, Jordi Feliu

Raùl Perez Cubero

Teresa Alcocer, Guillermo S. Maldonado

Joan Pineda

Production : RODA FILMS (Jordi Feliu)

Title in Original Version : Alice Dans L'Espagne Des Merveilles