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52nd edition

Afternoon Of War

Fortnight 1980, Feature film, 1h37


« Afternoon of War » is a film based upon a Dylan Thomas short story called « The Mouse and the Woman ». It is a loose adaptation, set against a background of sexual war, industrial war and physical war.
Fundamentally, it is a welsh film financed in Wales, and filmed entirely on location in Wales.
I had tried unsuccessfully for eight years to make the film. Now, having completed it, I hope it explores successfully the poetry of social realism and the reality of Dylan Thomas’ mystical writing.
O fhimself, Thomas wrote : « I was born in an ugly industrial town… », a statement too often forgotten by those who only feel the silence of the sea.
In the context of civil unrest today in Wales, I hope this period film has a contemporary meaning. Were John Ford alive, I would have enjoyed discussing « Afternoon of War » with him.


Karl Francis

Over the last 30 years, Karl Francis has become the leading Welsh film and television director and producer with films that are keenly awaited in his home country and shown to great acclaim at festivals around the world. He has always remained rooted firmly outside of the establishment, even, arguably during his stint as Head of Drama at BBC Wales. ??He has maintained a determined independence and his films often savagely criticise the institutions which run Welsh political and cultural life. He has always been defiantly unfashionable, a film maker whose prime concern is content over style. His films often display a very real cinematic sense – but Karl Francis is a determined realist. He has always been a shamelessly partisan film maker.

Alan Devlin
Dafydd Hywell
Karen Archer
Patricia Napier

Vincent Kane, Karl Francis

Nick Gifford

Neil Thomson

Alun Francis

Production : ALVICAR FILMS, Caerphilly, South Wales UK