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52nd edition

Acquaintances of a Lonely John (The)

Fortnight 2008, Short film, 13mn


C’est l’histoire d’un homme solitaire qui s’appelle John, Il vit seul et essaie de se lier avec quelque chose ou quelqu’un. Parfois, il est difficile de faire la différence entre un rire hystérique et des pleurs hystériques.


Benny Safdie

Joshua and Benny Safdie were born and raised in New York, under the eye of their father’s Super 8 camera with which he kept filming them. During his film studies at Boston University, Josh met Sam Lisenco, Brett Jutkiewicz and Zachary Treitz. Together with Benny, they founded the collective, Red Bucket Films. They all live and work in New York, producing one another’s films. Go get some Rosemary is the first film co-directed the two brothers.

Benny Safdie
Firas Al-Ramahi
Ivan Gold
Jeremy Nunn
Jim Bennett
Kevin Driscoll
Max Abelson
Terry Clarey
Will Lautzenheiser

Benny Safdie

Samara Vise

Steve Barker and Benny Safdie

Benny Safdie and Udita Upadhyaya

Jeremy Nunn (Haruki Naginata)

Set decoration
Benny Safdie

Production : Red Bucket Films 368, Broadway #203 NY 10023 New York Etats-Unis Tél : +1 917 815 5177