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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019


Fortnight 2008, Feature film, 1h27


At the age of 13, Rafael Bregman has his sexual initiation thanks to arrangements made by his older brother. His first kiss, however, proves to be harder to get — he doesn’t know how to approach Nicole, a classmate he’s fallen for. Rafael struggles to live through this difficult time while dealing with his pimples, his insecurity, his parents’ imminent divorce and his daily obligations. Finding love should be the solution to all his problems. Since his friends’ advice can only help so much, Rafael will need to overcome his shyness and build up some self-confidence to get what he wants more than anything.


Federico Veiroj

Federico Veiroj was born in Montevideo in 1976. In 2000 he obtained the Degree in Social Communication at the Catholic University in Montevideo, coursing one semester at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA). He has been directing and producing short-films since 1996. He also worked as an actor in many Uruguayan short-films and as script supervisor in Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll’s features 25 Watts and Whisky. Acné is his first feature film.

Alejandro Tocar
Belén Pouchan
David Blankleider
Gustavo Melnik
Igal Label
Julia Catalá
Laura Piperno
Leonor Svarcas
Veronica Perrota
Yoel Bercovici

Federico Veiroj

Bárbara Álvarez

Catriel Vildosola

Fernando Epstein

Adrian Biniez & Federico Deutsh, Los Fatales, Europe, Daniel Yafalian

Set decoration
Fernando Epstein

Production : Control Z Films Joaquin Requena 1005/2 11200 Montevideo Uruguay Tél : +598 2 410 07 23 Fax : +598 2 410 07 22 Rizoma Films (Argentine) Morocha Films (Argentine) Avalon Productions (Espagne) Goliat Films (Mexique) ventes à l’étranger / foreign sales : Rezo Films

Title in Original Version : Acné