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52nd edition

A table

Fortnight 1998, Short film, 19 m


« To ward off anxiety, nothingness, ghosts. And find strength in eating, laughing, communicating. » « Stick together! » – That’s the rallying cry of the Surdutowicz family: at table, at the hospital, everywhere. Rénia, the grandmother, falls ill and the entire family gathers around her, to talk, laugh and complain like they have always done during meals, so as to ward off time, so that things return to the way they used to be. They all hope and pray death doesn’t exist. And as Rénia says: « When I’m around, everything’s all right ».


Idit Cébula

She was member of a theatrical group when she was a schoolgirl and started writing at his time. She then studied History and art and acting at Florent. She plays in two companies and performed several parts for theater and cinema. After taking part in the writing of screenplays, she participated in the writing of her first short film with photographer Céline Lévy-Nieszawer.

Aurélie Saada
Emmanuelle Devos
Éric Wapler
Laurence Février
Lionel Abelanski
Michel Feldman
Michel Jonasz
Nathalie Lévy-Lang
Ruben Pariente
Samir Guesni
Solange Najman
Valérie Benguigi
Vladek Skornik

Idit Cébula, Céline Lévy-Nieszawer

Eric Weber

Frédéric Ullmann

Michel Klochendler

Set decoration
Valérie Abelanski, Eric Bécavin, Valérie Berman

Production : Gaïa Films, 17 rue de l’Échiquier, 75010 Paris, France, Tél: (33 1) 45 23 23 10, Fax: (33 1) 47 70 20 61, e mail: Vente à l’étranger : Gaïa Films


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