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51st Directors’ Fortnight May 15-25, 2019

A Santa Alianca

Fortnight 1978, Feature film, 1h50


The military coup d’Etat of April 25, 1974 marked the beginning of a vast movement of the masses. One of the characteristics of this historical process was to have bought about deep social transformations without however assuring the existence of a revolutionary power. Nevertheless, all the political forces, from the left to the right, spoke in the name of the nation, as if they alone possessed the secret of the past and the future of Portugal. We have written and filmed « A Santa Aliança » as the events impregnated our fiction and our thoughts. How to talk about, through a film, a revolution which was (and which still is) for the most part, an imaginary revolution ? How to represent that almost mystical instance of the revolution in whose name is decided the class struggle. How to express the ideological confusion which crosses the country without reducing the characters to simple slogans ? « A Santa Aliança » is a film about incertainty, marked by the contradictions and the doubts of those who worked on it, in a precise historic conjuncture. But it is also, I believe, a film about « the hope of April », because now, nothing will ever be the same. Eduardo GEADA


Eduardo Geada

Born in Lisbon in 1945, Eduardo Geada graduated in Literature at the Lisbon faculty. He managed a film club, was film critic, and first directed a long feature in 1973, according to his point of view : « Cinema is a follow up of political action through other means ». He had a scholarship from the Gulbenkian Foundation of the Cinema Departement of the Slade School of Fine Art, University College of London. He published in 1977 « Imperialism and Fascism in Cinema » and in 1978 « Cinema and metamorphosis ».

David Silva
Helena Isabel
Henrique VIANA
Io Apollini
José De Castro
Lia Gama
Paulo Duarte

Eduardo Geada

Manuel Costa E Silva

Eduardo Geada

Pedro Osorio


Title in Original Version : La Sainte Alliance