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52nd edition

A mulher que acreditava ser presidente dos Estados Unidos da America

Fortnight 2003, Feature film, 1H32mn


A woman in Lisbon is convinced that she’s the President of the United States. Although her Oval Office is really a rectangular living room, to her the home is the exact replica of the real White House. Conscious of her power and fearful of losing it, she decides, on the eve of her 37th birthday, to open the doors of the White House to all women and throw an unforgettable party that will ensure her re-election and strengthen her control of the world.


João Botelho

Born in Lamego, Portugal, in 1949, he studied engineering, then film at the National Conservatory. He was the director of the CITAC in Coimbra and the film societies of both Coimbra and Porto.

Alexandra Lencastre
Rita Blanco

João Botelho, Leonor Pinhão

Inês Carvalho

Philippe Morel

Pedro Marques

Set decoration
Catarini Amaro

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Title in Original Version : La femme qui croyait être la Présidente des Etats-Unis