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52nd edition

A caça revoluções

Fortnight 2014, Short film, 11 min


It all started with a picture taken in 1974 in Lisbon, just after the Portuguese Revolution. She tries to enter in that picture as if she could enter into a time she didn’t belong and finally understands what it means to be part of a revolution or what it means to fight for a country.


Margarida Rêgo

Born in Lisbon in 1986. Margarida did her degree in Communication Design at the Fine Art Academy in Lisbon. In 2013 she develops her first short film (A caça revoluções) during her master degree in the Royal College of Art in London. Recently she founded a studio called ilhas (islands).

Margarida Rêgo

Margarida Rêgo, Fernando Rêgo

Margarida Rêgo, Mike Wyeld

Margarida Rêgo

Production :
Margarida Rêgo
Rua prof. Manuel Cavaleio Ferreira 4c 5A
1600-642 Lisbonne – Portugal
Tél : +44 74 1490 3640 / +351 9 1787 7433

Coproduction :
Royal College of Arts (Royaume-Uni)

Title in Original Version : The Revolution Hunter