52nd edition

71 Fragmente einer Chronologie des Zufalls

Fortnight 1994, Feature film, 1 h 35


1993 Christmas’ eve. A 19-year-old student kills several people he did not know at all with no apparent motive. What was common to the murderer and his victims? “ my task was to establish a structure of questions, to avoid providing answers, and in doing so to enable a variety of conflicting interpretations. Please do allow me not to go against these premises by giving descriptions in a résumé which can also be interpreted. This movie is the last part of a trilogy, whose subject is my country’s emotional glaciation. The trilogy’s motto is a sentence from Pascal : “Vous êtes embarqués”. (Michael Haneke).


  • Anna Bennent
  • Branko Samarovski
  • Gabriel Cosmin Urdes
  • Lukas Miko
  • Otto Grünmandl
  • Udo Samel


Michael Haneke

Christian Berger

Marc Parisotto

Maria Homolkova

J. S. Bach

Set decoration
Christoph Kanter


Production : Wega Film Produktion GmBh, Vienne Autriche Vente à l’Etranger : Christa Saredi World Sales, Zurich, Suisse Distribution : Les Films du Paradoxe, Bois Colombes, France

Title in Original Version : 71 fragments d'une chronologie du hasard