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52nd edition


Fortnight 1975, Short film, 26 mn


« 350 » is reversed fairy tale. The consumption society fairy comes riding a motor bike – but against all odds she brings freedom ! Because « 350 » is a moral tale.


Philippe Pilard

Philippe Pilard had different jobs before in got into the film industry. He directed several documentary features for the national Ministry of Education for cinema as well as for television. « 350 » is his second fiction film after « Juliette? » with Marie-France Pisier, presented in Cannes « Perspectives » in 1972. British cinema specialist, college professor, he was copresident of the Société des Réalisateurs de Films (1981-83), as well as cofounder and president of the French short film agency.

Bernard Bailleul
Christian Catusse
Dominique Hoffer

Philippe Pilard

William Lubtchansky

Production : CITEVOX