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52nd edition

3 Steps To Heaven

Fortnight 1995, Feature film, 1 h 30


3 Steps in Heaven is a comedy of revenge and self-discovery. Three dissolute Londonners city whiz kid Angel Farnham; left wing MP Harry Roberts and TV game show hostess Andrea Wallace, abandon a new friend, Sean, after a wild party. His body winds up the river. They are later visited by a mysterious woman who may be bringing them bad luck. As she enters their lives, our heroine is taken on a helter-skelter ride through the sleazy underworld of contemporary London. Now, four lives are in mid-disaster and spinning out of control…


Constantine Giannaris

He was born in Athens. She settled in England in 1976 to study history in Keele. She graduated in Birmingham for Russian studies. He went to London in 1982.He directed his first short film, Framed Youth. Then he made ten more short and medium length films awarded In Berlin, Turin and Cork. 3 Steps to Heaven is his first feature film.

Con O’Neil
David Cardy
Frances Barber
James Fleet
Katrin Cartlidge
Paul-Mark Eliott
Stuart Laing

Constantine Giannaris

James Welland

John Anderton

Budge Tremlett

John Eacott

Set decoration
Stephen McCabe

Production : Maya Vision, Londres, Grande-Bretagne Vente à l’étranger : BFI Production, Londres, Grande-Bretagne