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52nd edition


Fortnight 1977, Feature film, 2h


On the 25th of June 1975 in Maputo, on the night of Independence at midnight, we filmed a population celebrating its liberation and expressing its joy to be part of the world’s revolution. This party, another Christmas on Earth, could exist thanks to 400 years od resistance and other recent « 25th » : – in June 1962, creation of the FRELIMO, – in September 1964, first moment of the rebellion, – in April 1974, the fall of the Portuguese fascism. We wanted to make a film on the warlike joy of colonized people who are liberated, who realizes what a revolution is, through which they can find their own identity, and be re-educated. A party of music radiating the great energy of this day. This is a film where colonized people speak of a new alphabet – a revolutionary alphabet – to other colonized people. Celso LUCCAS & José Celso CORRÉA


Celso Luccas

Born in Sao Polo, Celso Luccas co-directed his first long-feature « 25 » with José Celso Corréa at 25. They co-directed « O Parto » in 1975, a 36mn documentary based on archive material and focusing on the dictatorial regime in Portugal and its fall with the « Revolução dos Cravos » (Carnation Revolution), in 1974, after 48 years of Salazarism.

Jose Celso Correa

Born in Araquara in 1937, José Celso Correa co directed with Celso Luccas « O Parto » et « 25 » in 1975. Close to the group Oficina, they were involved in 1971 in the making of « Oficina » then in 1972 in « Candel King ».

Celso Luccas, Guilherme Costa

Celso Luccas, Manuela Moira

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