52nd edition

Accredited public Reservations Non-accredited public Reservations


In 2021, entry is only possible upon presentation of a ticket for the specific screening.

Once the ticket booked/purchased, access to the screening is guaranteed.

Reservations open two days before the day of the screening. Access to the theatre is possible up to 20 minutes before the screening.

• Accreditations allow for reservation through the online ticket office, available : https://ticketonline.festival-cannes.com/

Log in with the ID on your accreditation badge. Reservation is limited to one ticket per person.

If unable to show up, please make sure to cancel your reservation.

• For the non-accredited public, tickets are purchasable via the Online ticket office or at the physical ticket office on the forecourt of Malmaison (for Théâtre Croisette, Arcades and Olympia screenings only).

Subscriptions are only purchasable online :  https://ticketonline.festival-cannes.com/newcompte.aspx

Online, single tickets and subscriptions can be purchased after creating an account.

Reservation is limited to two tickets per screening. Single tickets and subscriptions are not refundable.