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4 debates introduced by Edouard Waintrop, with directors from the selection, directors from the SRF and many other guests. Free entrance on the Malmaison terrace.


Throughout its history, and now more than ever, the Directors Fortnight has been and remains a place in Cannes for discovery, experimentation, exchange and encounters for filmmakers, professionals and cinephiles.

Our intention is to put the auteur back at the center of discussion, to make over the Fortnight as a place of exchange and conviviality but also to perpetuate and develop contacts among directors, be they selected for the Fortnight or some other section.

The directors selected will be sponsored by seasoned filmmakers (in 2012, notably: Christophe Blanc, Eric Guirado, Pierre Salvadori and Pierre Schoeller) during their stay in the Fortnight. Each sponsor will welcome the directors and accompany them during the different stages of their film’s presentation in the Fortnight.

These orientations will also be reflected in the discussions centred on several films in the selection: the auteurs will be invited along with a director and several filmmakers to develop certain questions.


« Cinema in Arab Nations today »

Sunday 20 May, 2:30 pm

with Merzak Allouache (El taiib/Le Repenti), Pierre Schoeller (SRF), Jean-François Bourgeot (Cinemed film festival) and with other directors in Cannes.


« New names in Latin-American cinéma »

Monday 21 May, 2:30 pm

With Benjamin Ávila (Infancia clandestina), Yulene Olaizola (Fogo), Pablo Stoll Ward (3), William Vega (La Sirga), Christophe Blanc (SRF), John Hopewell (film critic)...


« New adventurousness in French cinéma »

Tuesday 22 May, 2:30 pm

with Rachid Djaïdani (Hold Back), Elie Wajeman (Aliyah), Eric Guirado (SRF) Boyd Van Hoeij (film critic) and Catherine Corsini (SRF)


« Multiplicities of Indian cinema - Bollywood: the tree obscuring the forest? »

Wednesday 23 May, 3 pm

with Anurag Kashyap (Gangs of Wasseypur), Pierre Salvadori (SRF), Hubert Niogret (productor/film critic), Patrick Frater (journalist), Sunil Doshi (productor) Sudhir Mishra (screenwriter, director)…


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