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World premiere
Short film / France / Czech Republic / 7 mn / couleur / color / Directors' Fortnight 2012

As every morning, men get on the tram to go to work. But on that day, to the rhythm of the tickets inserted in the ticket-stamping machine, the vehicle gets erotic and the conductress’ desire turns the reality into a surrealistic and phallic fantasy.

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no dialog
Michaela Pavlátová
Michaela Pavlátová
Michaela Pavlátová, Milos Krejcar
Petr Marek

+ Professionnal information

Production :
Sacrebleu productions
10 bis rue Bisson
75020 Paris – France
Tél :+33 1 4225 3027

Coproduction :
Negative films (République Tchèque)

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