Savrseni Krug

Ademir Kenovic


Adis and Kerim, two boys of seven and nine, by chance take refuge with the poet Hamza, whose wife and daughter have left Sarajevo. Adis and his brother have lost their entire family, with the exception of an aunt, Aicha, who fled to Germany. Hamza cannot abandon the children. He absolutely must track down their aunt. Day after day, the poet and the children learn about to live together, open up, love and dream. The warmth of this love helps them overcome the harshness of daily life in a ravaged city. Despite the total lack of food, they take in a dog wounded by a sniper. The animal becomes the children’s companion. Hamza manages to learn the whereabouts of aunt Aicha and gets the children ready to go to Hrasnica – from there, they can reach Germany. But Adis and Kerim, who have found in Hamza’s affection the well-being of a true home, are reluctant to leave. After his house is bombed, Hamza is convinced the children must emigrate…

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 1997

Full-length film, 1 h 50



Ademir Kenovic

He was born in Sarajevo. He studied cinema and English literature in the USA. He was a teacher at the cinema and theater Academy of Sarajevo. He made his first film in 1986, Ovo malo duse, shown at The Directors’ Fortnight. He founded the SAGA, SArajevo Group of Authors; directors, writers, poets, artists and students could work there during the war. Le Cercle Parfait is the first Bosnian film made in Sarajevo after the war.

portrait Ademir Kenovic
  Ademir Kenovic
Savrseni Krug

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Ademir KenovicAbdulah Sidran avec la participation de Pjer Zalica


Milenko Uherka


David Baksht

Set decoration

Kemal Hrustanovic


Christel Tanovic


Esad Arnautalic, Ranko Rihtman

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