Metamorfosis De Un Jefe De La Policia Politica

Helvio Soto


The problems facing a young police inspector are explored. He is appointed head of the political police and finds himself between conflicting interests.

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 1973

Full-length film, 105'



Helvio Soto

He worked in Argentine for TV and went to Chili. He made a short film and started making full length films with Salpêtre sanglant in 1969: it deals with war between Chili and Pérou. His two newt movies were linked to politics and Salvador Allende. He flew in France. It rains on Santiaga is a difficult reconstitution of the socialist Chilian government. La triple muerte del tercer personaje is about exile. He made Americona and went back to Chili.


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Helvio Soto


Sylvio Caiozzi

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