En ville

Bertrand Schefer, Valérie Mréjen


Iris is 16 and finishing up her teenage years a small provincial town when she meets Jean, a 40 year old photographer from Paris. Over the course of their meetings, their relationship evolves to an amorous friendship that will turn their lives upside down.

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2011

First movie
Full-length film, 1h15



Bertrand Schefer

Born in Paris in 1972. Philosopher by training, he devoted his first work to the rediscovery of the founding texts of the italian Renaissance on the origins of the visual arts. He published a first novel, L’Âge d’or, and has collaborated on screenplays. This is his first film.

portrait Bertrand Schefer
  Bertrand Schefer

Valérie Mréjen

Born in Paris in 1969. Studied the fine arts. She directed a series of videos seen in numerous exhibitions around France and abroad, short and documentaries. She has published three books. This is her first fiction feature.

portrait Valérie Mréjen
  Valérie Mréjen

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Valérie Mréjen, Bertrand Schefer


français / french


Claire Mathon


Philippe Deschamps

Set decoration

Aurore Casalis


Thomas Marchand


Jean Claude Vannier

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