Pablo Stoll Ward


Ana, an enterprising teenager, is living through a decisive moment in her life. Her mother, Graciela, seems at a turning point as well. For Rodolfo, Ana’s father and Graciela’s ex-husband, domestic life in the home of his second wife, is empty and cold, as if it were no place for him. Discreetly he sets out to reclaim his place with them, after having been away for ten years. 3 is a comedy about three people doomed to the same absurd fate: being a family.

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2012

Full-length film, 1h55



Pablo Stoll Ward

Born in 1974 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Together with Juan Pablo Rebella he scripted and directed 25 Watts and Whisky. Both films received several international awards and were commercially released worldwide. During 2006 and 2007, Pablo Stoll was scriptwriter, director and occasional actor in the news satire show Los informantes. He is a founding partner at Control Z Films, the production company for his own films and La perrera, Acné (Directors’ Fortnight – 2008) and Gigante. In 2009 he directed Hiroshima, his first solo feature film.

portrait Pablo Stoll Ward
  Pablo Stoll Ward

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