Paul Leni

He was a painter and a stage designer. He was intersted in theater. He was a screenwriter, an actor and started direction in 1916. He asserted himself with two main films in silent German cinema, the one close to Kammerspiel, and the other closer to expressionism: Le Cabinet des figures de cire. In 1927, Carl Laemmle asked for him in Hollywood where he directed four films for Universal, like La Volonté du mort.

At the Directors's Fortnight
1921 : Hintertreppe (L?Escalier de service) (co-réal)Das GespensterschiffKomödie
1921 : Fiasco
1920 : Patience
1919 : Die platonische Ehe Prinz Kuckuck
1917 : Prima Vera Dornröschen (co-réal) Das Ratsel von Bangalore (co-réal)
1916 : Das Tagebuch des Dr. Hart

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