Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys

Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys tells a unique story from every day China, never seen before. In the greyish area between black and white, nine strong scenes are enacted, where national politics and strategy are having unforeseen consequences in a young woman’s life.
Informations techniques

Jens Assur
Marek Wieser
Wille Peterson-berger, Niclas Merits
Sudamol Chaban
Fredrik Morheden, Åsa Mossberg
Professionnal information
Jens Assur

Jens Assur is a world known photographic artist. His latest project Hunger, consisting of five unique photographic books, created great attention in the Swedish society when it was released summer of 2010. His writing and directing debut, The Last Dog in Rwanda, won numerous awards all over the world. For example, First Prize or Grand Prix at Clermont-Ferrand, Tribeca, Sydney, Rome and Palm Springs.

World premiere
Short film / Sweden / Thailand / 23 min / couleur / color / Directors' Fortnight 2011
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