The Fortnight in action

The Fortnight in the Bocca district

The Directors' Fortnight initiated this project with the support of BNP Paribas, SISLEY Foundation, France Television Foundation, the city of Cannes and Cannes Cinéma. The Fortnight in the Bocca district project aims to try out an original dynamic in cultural activism aimed at an outlying quarter of Cannes that is part of a wider policy of democratization and access to culture. Linked with the Directors’ Fortnight, it aims to extend the reach of the event to the district of la Bocca.

Throughout the year, the Quinzaine at La Bocca organizes previews and screenings of Fortnight selections in general release. As part of this programming, the Fortnight pursues its pedagogical mission and sets up screenwriting workshops in local vocational centers. During the festival, as part of Cannes Cinéphiles, part of the program is screened in two neighborhood cinemas of La Bocca: the Licorne and the Raimu. Admission is free, open to all and include Q&As with directors. There are also image education workshops with vocational centers and local associations.


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Screen Education

For the past few years, the Directors’ Fortnight has taken on the mission to back up the screening of certain films by analyzing them in depth, with Young audiences in particular. These actions were hailed in 2013 by the Minister of Culture herself, who wanted to attend a meeting between the students and the staff of a film presented at the Directors’ Fortnight.

The Directors’ Fortnight has therefore initiated a certain number of operations aimed at high school students, and this year junior high school students, by having them take part in its screenings. Developed with the backing of several partners (Conseil Régional Ile de France, Conseil Régional PACA, DRAC PACA, Rectorat de Nice), these operations take place at different times to allow students to become part of the event and the films we propose.

With the Direction Regionale de l’Action Culturelle PACA and the Rectorat de Nice

The Directors’ Fortnight proposes an educational cinema project conceived for two Cannes high school classes. In order to fully carry out this project, we feel the need to build it around a small number of students.
Earlier, in March, students are invited to see a film from the previous year’s Forthnight during the film’s release. In early May, before the festival, the artistic director meets with students and teachers in Cannes. The aim of this day is to better understand the Directors’ Fortnight, its history, its stake and programming constraints, but also its position in relation to contemporary filmmaking.
In Cannes, each class attends the screening of a different feature. A Q&A follows these two screenings with the filmmaker.

With the Region PACA

The Directors’ Fortnight in collaboration with the association Cinémas du Sud hosts some 40 students a day during the event. Our goal is to go beyond the simple provision of seats and to allow students to participate in the Q&A at the end of the screening so that they can better enjoy the session.

With the Region Ile de France

Every year, the Region Ile de France takes a class from the region taking part in "Lycéens et apprentis au cinéma " to discover the Cannes Festival.
After a first meeting prior to the festival, the students attend the screening of a selected feature and shorts films during the rerun screenings in Paris

With the collège Robert Doisneau in Montrouge

As part of the school's ciné-club, a study tour to the Quinzaine was initiated in 2014. The student stay is an educational cinema journey thought out and prepared in order for them to deepen their understanding of auteur cinema. We follow the students prior to the festival, then on location during contacts with organizers and film crews. Everything is done to optimize their critical sense of films discovered at the Fortnight.