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Moi, Schizo

QUINZAINE 1971 Feature film | 80'


A film about schizophrenia, as a social phenomenon resulting out of a reality too inhuman to be bearable.


Antonio Calmon

Antonio Augusto Calmon Du Pin (Manaus, 1945) is an author of telenovelas , director , screenwriter , film producer and miniseries of Rede GloboThe beginning of his professional career took place in the cinema when he was assistant to films like The Great City of Carlos Diegues , Terra em Transe and The Dragon of Evil Against Holy Warrior, by Glauber Rocha and The Brave Warrior, by Gustavo Dahl .In 1970 he directed his first feature film, Captain Flag Against Dr. Moura Brazil , considered by many a film cult , a symbol called the Cinema Marginal. With Gente Fina is Something Else (1976), begins the cycle of their products more identified with the pornochanchada Carioca in vogue at the time.Artwork adapted from the homonymous part of Antonio Bivar, is a comedy in three episodes with an eroticism still naive and a light social criticism. Already in Fever In Ipanema , from 1977 (beginning of its partnership with André de Biasi ) and The Good Husband, the results from the combination of sexuality and social and behavioral analysis are more successful. With I Matei Lúcio Flávio ( 1978 ), begins his explosive partnership with actor and producer Jece Valadão. This film, his most controversial, was to some, his masterpiece.On television he scripted the show Fittings Unlimited, legendary attraction aired by Globo TV between 1985 and 1988. His debut as an author was in 1989 when he wrote together with Walther Negrão Novel Top Model. In 1991 he wrote Vamp, a resounding success. Recently he wrote the novels A New Beginning and Three Sisters.


Claudio Marzo
Dina Sfat
Hugo Carvana
Norma Bengell


Antonio Calmon

Alfonso Beato


Prod : Tropico Cinematografica Limitada