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Hay Que Matar Al General

QUINZAINE 1974 Feature film | 1h20


Being aware of the difficult times that the country is going through and knowing how cinema is important as a medium of mass communication, we decided to shoot « Hay que matar al General » in those days when every action, every gesture, every word is colored and gets unequivocally a political touch – in those hours of change that lead us towards liberation, towards socialism.
Cinema being word, act, image and life, it must be on the people’s side or follow those who fight his weaknesses.
As the film director, I side with the people through an activist cinema that goes beyond denouncing, scrupulously explaining the mechanism of his destitution, identifying the organisms that rob him of what is rightfully his and that promotes the North American penetration, uncovering the characters that make all this possible, that live and thrive by consuming the energy of the people.
« Hay que matar al General » is a revolutionary oriented film, directed for the people and not te be savoured as an artistic delight. The activist and brotherly spirit of the revolution lives in the film.
Enrique Urteaga


Jorge Yanez
Juan Carlos Bistotto
Leonardo Perucci
Martin Andrade
Norman Day
Rafael Benavente
Ruben Unda


Jorge Cancino, Ana Maria Pavela, Olinto Tavernaa, Enrique Urteaga

Diego Bonacina


Production : Jorge Cancino

OV title : Il Faut Tuer Le Général