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Avez-Vous Peur ? Er i bange?

QUINZAINE 1971 Feature film | 94'


This documentary examines a feature of Danish life in the late ’60s and early ’70s: the political commune. In a series of stiff and unrevealing interviews with members of the Kloevedal Commune, « Mao’s Pleasure, » director Carlssen seeks to discover why they have chosen to live communally. Turning the tables on the director, members of the commune also interview people who live ordinary, middle-class lives, ostensibly to find out why they chose their « lifestyles. » Other footage concerns the Annisse Commune, a less radical organization which predates the Kloevedal Commune by decades. A highlight of the film is an interview with a very old woman who lives with and talks chiefly with her cats.


Ellen Glenter
Erik Haunstrup Clemmensen
famille Klovedal
Henning Carlsen
Jorgen Hatting


Nils Klovedal / Henning Carlsen

Jorgen Roos


Prod. : H. Carlsen
Digmar Teatret
Jernbane Gade 2
1608 Copenhague V