Yvan, a quick-tempered, 40-year-old vintage car dealer, surprises young Elie trying to burgle him. But he doesn’t beat him up. Instead, he develops a strange affection for him and takes him home to his parents in his old Chevrolet.It’s the start of an odd journey by two ne’er-do-wells through a magnificent but no less flipped-out country.
Informations techniques
Bouli Lanners
Jean-Paul De Zaeytijd
Olivier Hespel
Paul Rouschop
Ewin Ryckaert
Renaud Mayeur, An Pierlé & Koen Gisen
Bouli Lanners, Fabrice Adde, Philippe Nahon
Professionnal information
Bouli Lanners

Belgian actor and filmmaker Bouli Lanners has, amongst others, directed Ultranova, awarded at the 2005 Berlinale; and Eldorado, awarded at the 2008 Directors' Fortnight. His third feature, The Giants, centers around three teenagers seeking freedom.

Photo : Nicolas Bomal

World premiere
Feature film / Belgium / France / 1h25 / 35mm / Scope / couleur / color / Dolby SRD / Directors' Fortnight 2008
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