El Cambio

In this Mexican drama, two young men leave the city for the simple life in the countryside. Unfortunately, the lake they have chosen to live next to is heavily polluted by a nearby factory. After one of their girlfriends gets sick from the water, they throw lake water into the faces of local officials who have authority over the factory. The officials are not amused, and the two boys are brutally murdered.
Informations techniques
Leobardo Lopez Aretche, Luis Carrion et Alfredo Joqkowicz
Toni Kuhn
Ramon Aupart
Julio Estrada
Héctor Andremar, Héctor Bonilla, Mario García González, Sergio Jiménez, Sofia Joskowicz, Ofelia Medina, Sergio Olhovich, León Singer
Professionnal information
Alfredo Joskowicz

He headed the Mexican Institute of Cinema and made six feature films, 11 short films and more than 80 programs for TV.

Feature film / Mexico / 87' / 35mm Eastmancolor / Directors' Fortnight 1973
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