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The King of Pigs

First film / International premiere
Feature film / South Korea / 1h37 / couleur / color / Directors' Fortnight 2012

Kyung-min, a businessman, and Jong-suk, a failed writer, are former schoolmates. During a reunion dinner they look back on their school days, when a particularly cruel group of students, "the dogs", exercised a reign of terror by hazing and bullying part of the other students, the "pigs". One day, Kim Chul, one of their mates, stood up to the "dogs", becoming the only hope of ending their tyranny. Fifteen years on, he remains a hero. But behind this figure, the two men recall the murky story of their bond.

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Sang-ho Yeun
Jun-bae Lee
Je-keun Woo
Sang-ho Yeun, Yeun-jeong Lee
EOM Bean (MF-ars)
Ik-june Yang, Jeong-se Oh, Hye-na Kim, Hee-von Park, Kkobbi Kim

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Production :
The King Of Pigs Production Committee
Sangsangmadang, #302, Jungsan B/D, 362-4
Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu
121837 Seoul - Corée du Sud
Tél : +82 2 3141 7046

Coproduction :
Studio Dadashow (Corée du Sud)

Ventes / Foreign sales :
Indiestory Inc.
4Fl. BaekAk Bldg. 135-4 TongIn-dong,
Jongno-gu, 110043 Seoul - Corée du Sud
Tél : +82 2 722 6051

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