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Michel Welfringer (design graphic design and ergonomics)
Stéphane Buellet (ergonomics and interaction)

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Henri-Maxime Ducoulombier

Texts and interviews:
2011 : Jean-Baptiste Daoulas, Mathieu Debusschère

2010 : Jean-Baptiste Daoulas, Baptiste Etchegaray
2009 & 2008 : Jean-Philippe LAVIGNE
2007 : Marine Ninaud

Photographies :
2011 : Xavier Lambours / SignaturesCécile Burban, Cyril Duchêne, Akseli Plane

2010 : Delphine Pincet, Gaël Barbet, Henri-Maxime Ducoulombier
2009 : Delphine Pincet, Henri-Maxime Ducoulombier
2008 : Delphine Pincet, Henri-Maxime Ducoulombier, Stéphanie Delage
2007 : Antoine Boureau, Henri-Maxime Ducoulombier, Pierre Radua

2009: Jane GEORGET-LEONHARDT and Chloé TRESDOI (editing), Antoine MOLENAT (sound), Clément TACHDJIAN (image)
2008: Domitille BRAMAND (editing), Dorian MANSIAUX (sound), Rocco VENDRA (image)
2007: Arnaud DE CINTAZ (editing), Eymeric MOSCA (sound), Luc PEDRETTI (image)

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