COSMOS : n. The universe as whole. (Gk. kosmos) “Cosmos” is also a modern mosaic of the urban jungle, where six directors offer depictions of human nature. “Cosmos” is our main character and guide, a philosophizing Greek taxi driver who, in the space of a run, a breakdown or a stop, takes us through the world of his clients. “Cosmos”, too, is a special rendez-vous with fate: an ironic portrait of a disunited couple; a disturbing look at the life of a funny sort of individual; a strange journey into the media-powered world of the jet set; the ultimate moment when two people meet; the extravagant encounter of two men... “Cosmos”, then, is the universe as a whole.
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Jennifer Alleyn, Manon Briand, Marie-Julie Dallaire et Sébastien Joannette, Arto Paragamian, André Turpin, Denis Villeneuve
André Turpin
Dominique Chartrand, Sylvain Bellemare
Pierre Allard
Richard Comeau
Audrey Benoît, Marie-Héléne Montpetit, Pascal Contamine, Sébastien Joannette, Elise Guilbaut, Marie-France Lambert, Alexis Martin, Sarah Jane Salvy, Gabriel Gascon, Igor Ovadis, Marc Jeanty, David Lahaye
Professionnal information
Jennifer Alleyn

Born in Montreal, Jennifer Alleyn obtained a BFA in film production from Concordia University. She is a producer, screenwriter and director.
She has directed films in French and English that have been broadcast in Canada, France and other countries. In 1992, she traveled around the world while participating in the TV series La Course destination Monde. She also worked as a journalist. Her participation in the collective feature film Cosmos, wich won an award at Cannes in 1997, and her award-winning 2005 short Svanok, confirms her talent. Parallel to her work as an Indy filmmaker, Jennifer directed her fisrt series for television. After her documentary film The Rossys, Jennifer herein combines her two life passion : art and the search for meaning. Following her critically acclaimed Jacques Monory’s Imaginary Life, My Father’s studio focuses on the legacy of an artist’s way of looking at life.

Marion Briand

She co-founded in 1988 The other's films Inc, an independant film makers group. She directed Les Saufs-conduits in 1990, awarded in many festivals and Picoti Picota, also awarded; she participated in the collective feature film, Un film de cinéastes.

Marie-Julie Dallaire

She works for television and cinema. In 1993, she directed her short film Jaune d'oeuf. She is a production director at Zigrail; she wrote a full length feature film, POisson volant dans une voiture and she worked with André Forcier on his film La Comtesse de Bâton Rouge.

Arto Paragamian

He is an author, a director and editor. His films were successful like his short films The fish story and Across the street; his comedy Because why was shown in different festivals ( Brussells, Cannes, Mannheim, Tokyo ).

André Turpin

He directed in 1987 Comme hier matin. He was a director of photography on Pablo qui court, Because why, Le lion et l'agneau and Liquid Love. In 1995, he directed Zigrail. He also worked on Cosmos and La comtesse de bâton rouge, last feature film directed by André Forcier.

Denis Villeneuve

Part of the new generation of Canadian filmmakers, Denis Villeneuve has already made a name for himself. His first feature, Un 32 août sur terre, was shown in some 35 international film festivals, notably as an official selection at Cannes, Telluride and Toronto — in addition, it represented Canada at the Oscars. His second film, Maelström, bagged some 25 prizes around the globe.

Feature film / Canada / 1 h 39 / 35mm. N & B. 1,85. Dolby SR / Directors' Fortnight 1997
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