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Feature film / Canada / 1 h 39 / 35mm. N & B. 1,85. Dolby SR / Directors' Fortnight 1997

COSMOS : n. The universe as whole. (Gk. kosmos) “Cosmos” is also a modern mosaic of the urban jungle, where six directors offer depictions of human nature. “Cosmos” is our main character and guide, a philosophizing Greek taxi driver who, in the space of a run, a breakdown or a stop, takes us through the world of his clients. “Cosmos”, too, is a special rendez-vous with fate: an ironic portrait of a disunited couple; a disturbing look at the life of a funny sort of individual; a strange journey into the media-powered world of the jet set; the ultimate moment when two people meet; the extravagant encounter of two men... “Cosmos”, then, is the universe as a whole.

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Jennifer Alleyn, Manon Briand, Marie-Julie Dallaire et Sébastien Joannette, Arto Paragamian, André Turpin, Denis Villeneuve
André Turpin
Dominique Chartrand, Sylvain Bellemare
Pierre Allard
Richard Comeau
Audrey Benoît, Marie-Héléne Montpetit, Pascal Contamine, Sébastien Joannette, Elise Guilbaut, Marie-France Lambert, Alexis Martin, Sarah Jane Salvy, Gabriel Gascon, Igor Ovadis, Marc Jeanty, David Lahaye

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PRODUCTION : Max Films 5200 rue Henri-Julien, Montréal, Québec, Canada H2T 2E5 Tél. : (1-514) 276 4499 Fax : (1-514) 276 6544 VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Malofilm Distribution 3575 bd St-Laurent, Montréal, Québec, Canada H2X 2T7 Tél. : (1-514) 844 4555 Fax : (1-514) 844 1471

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