Camille redouble
Camille Rewinds

Camille was sixteen years old when she met Eric. They fell madly in love and had a daughter…25 years later: Eric is leaving Camille for a younger woman.That’s New Year’s Eve, and Camille suddenly finds herself back in her past.She is sixteen again and has returned to her parents, her girlfriends, her childhood… and Eric.Will she flee and try to change the course of their lives? Will she fall in love with him again, even though she knows how their story will end?
Informations techniques
Noémie Lvovsky, Florence Seyvos, Pierre-Oivier Mattei et Maud Ameline
Jean-Marc Fabre
Olivier Mauvezin
Frédérique Lapierre
Michel Klochendler
Noémie Lvovsky, Samir Guesmi, Yolande Moreau, Michel Vuillermoz, Denis Podalydès
Professionnal information
Noémie Lvovsky

Noémie Lvovsky is a graduate of the Fémis. As a writer, she has worked with Arnaud Desplechin, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Philippe Garrel... She has acted in Les Beaux Gosses by Riad Sattouf, (Quinzaine 2009) and most recently, Les Adieux à la Reine by Benoît Jacquot.
In 1994, she directed her first feature Oublie-moi (Berlin Film Festival). In 1999, her film La Vie ne me fait pas peur won the Prix Jean-Vigo. In 2003, Les Sentiments, won the Prix Louis-Delluc. Camille redouble is her fifth feature.

World premiere
Feature film / France / 2h00 / couleur / color / Directors' Fortnight 2012
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