Feature film / France / 90' / 35mm couleur / Directors' Fortnight 1973

In this French psychological drama, the tensions of show business parallel and increase the tensions on a married couple, both of whom are performers. The stage magician "Magico" (Claude Brasseur) is married to a singer (Bulle Ogler). Their lives are already somewhat complicated, but as they unravel, they become involved with the mob and drug-trafficking. Eventually, Magico is forced into being a stool-pigeon for the police. ~

Jean Rozenbaum
Bulle Ogier, Claude Brasseur, Jean Rochefort, Andréas Voutsinas, José Artur, Marcel Guiet, Sady Rebbot, Fernand Ledoux, Michèle Amiel, Betty Beer, Maurice Brancourt, Bernard Brégier, Guy Chapelier, Marpessa Dawn, Pierre-Henri Deleau

+ Professionnal information
Prod : Société Générale de Production
4, Place du 18 Juin 40
Paris 14 ème

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