Directors' Fortnight 1999

The Fortnight has a new team. Marie-Pierre Macia is appointed artistic director by the SRF. In the foreword to the 1999 catalogue she writes: "My ambition for the Fortnight is to preserve its free spirit and the means required to fulfill its vocation as a prospector".

The 1999 selection attracts a good deal of attention, in particular Emmanuel Finkiel's Voyages, which wins the Youth Prize at Cannes, the French César as best first feature, and France Inter radio's Masque et la Plume Prize; Sólveig Anspach's Haut les coeurs ! and The Blair Witch Project, which goes on to enjoy an international success; as well as Anjelica Huston's Agnes Browne.

There are also films from as far afield as Bhutan (Khyentse Norbu's The Cup) Japan (Nobuhiro Suwa's M/other), and Chile (Ricardo Larraín's El entusiasmo).

Feature films (26)

A mort la mort !
France - 1h35 (1999)
Romain Goupil

Agnes Browne
Irland - 1h31 (1999)
Anjelica Huston

Japan - 1h44 (1999)
Kiyoshi Kurosawa

East Is East
Great Britain - 1h36 (1999)
Damien O'Donnell

El entusiasmo
Chile, France, Spain - 1h56 (1999)
Ricardo Larraín

U.S.A. - 1h35 (1999)
Alex Winter

Haut les coeurs !
France - 1h40 (1999)
Sólveig Anspach

Heian Zhi Guang
Darkness And Light
Taiwan - 1h42 (1999)
Chang Tso-Chi

La Cour
Lithuania, France - 1h30 (1999)
Valdas Navasaitis

La petite vendeuse de soleil
Swiss, France, Senegal - 45 minutes (1999)
Djibril Diop Mambety

Le Bleu des villes
France - 1h45 (1999)
Stéphane Brizé

Le Franc
Swiss, France, Senegal - 45 minutes (1999)
Djibril Diop Mambety

Les Convoyeurs attendent
Belgium, France, Swiss - 1h34 (1999)
Benoît Mariage

Japan - 2h27 (1999)
Nobuhiro Suwa

The Cup / La Coupe
Bhutan, Australia - 1h33 (1999)
Khyentse Norbu

Qui plume la lune ?
France - 1h40 (1999)
Christine Carrière

China - 1h40 (1999)
Zhao Jisong

France, Belgium - 1h15 (1999)
Chantal Akerman

Summer of Sam
U.S.A. - 2h22 (1999)
Spike Lee

The Blair Witch Project
Le projet Blair Witch
U.S.A. - 1h30 (1999)
Daniel Myrick
Eduardo Sanchez

The Five Senses
Canada - 1h45 (1999)
Jeremy Podeswa

The Last September
Irland, Great Britain - 1h40 (1999)
Deborah Warner

The Virgin Suicides
U.S.A., Canada - 1h35 (1999)
Sofia Coppola

The War Zone
Great Britain - 1h39 (1999)
Tim Roth

France - 1h55 (1999)
Emmanuel Finkiel

Wege in die Nacht
Chemins dans la nuit
Germany - 1h38 (1999)
Andreas Kleinert

Short films (6)

La Tentation de l'innocence
France - 43 mn (1999)
Fabienne Godet

Le Premier pas
France - 23 mn (1999)
Florence Vignon

Marée haute
France - 17 mn (1999)
Caroline Champetier

O Trouble
France - 10 mn (1999)
Sylvia Calle

Un château en Espagne
France - 25 mn (1999)
Delphine Gleize

Un petit air de fête
France - 35 mn (1999)
Eric Guirado

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